Hitech Wheel Finishes Ltd was established back in 2005, where the business began with striping and powder coating processes.

We focused specifically on alloy wheel refurbishment and tailored all of our resources on this specialty so we could continue to improve the results we delivered to our customers.

As a growing company, we continually reinvest into research and development with ongoing training.

We are also continually listening to our customers needs and expanding our services to meet those needs.

Some of those services include mobile services, pickup and drop off services for both powder coating and diamond cutting service to include a multitude of unique offerings, ultimately providing our clients with unrivalled service, quality and customer satisfaction.

Due to the overall quality of our mobile offerings, our S.M.A.R.T. package, Hitech Wheel Finishes is gaining significant levels of customer acceptance and recognition by many sectors of the automotive industry ranging from vehicle manufacturers, dealer groups, local dealers and traders as well as independent used car , de-fleeting organisations and car rental companies customers.

We strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship. Our refurbishment processes are all ISO 9000/9001 certified to ensure a consistent finish every single time. And we can now process up to 70 alloy wheels per day while still maintaining an incredibly high standard of quality.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our highly valued clients and providing you the superior service we know you desire and deserve.

Get a Competitive Mobile Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Quote

Our team is available now to answer your mobile diamond cut alloy wheel repairs questions and prepare a competitive quote to refurbish your beloved alloy wheels. We offer a full service for all of your alloy wheel repair and refurbishment needs. Call Us Now Today on (01)8216828 or E-Mail us at info@hitechwheelfinishes.ie.