Mobile Diamond Cutting


Our brand new custom-built mobile diamond cutting unit is now up and running. We have just taken delivery of the finished product and ready to get it out on the road servicing our clients nationwide.

We have completely custom designed our mobile diamond cutting truck from the ground up.

Over the last number of years we have noticed a significant increase in cars fitted with diamond cut alloy wheels. As beautiful as these wheels are there is a down side to them. That is when these wheels get damaged the equipment required to repair them is specialised and very expensive.

Although there are companies in Ireland that can repair diamond cut alloy wheels they are mainly based in Dublin. This makes diamond cut alloy repairs expensive for dealerships outside Dublin. There is also the added time delays with logistics.

That is until now, Hitech Wheel Finishes over the last 18 months has been working closely with key manufacturing companies in the UK and Europe to develop the ultimate specialist equipment required to repair diamond cut alloy wheels “MOBILE”. Our equipment is specifically designed to repair diamond cut alloy wheels to original OEM finish.

Hitech Wheel Finishes has rolled out the very first “Alloy Wheel Diamond Cut Mobile Factory”, first of its kind in Europe. The capability is very impressive, as our mobile factory has everything on board from tyre removal, alloy wheel CNC lathe, aqua blasting all the way through to high temperature ovens.

Our mobile factory can travel nationwide right to your fore court, repair shop or dealership and repair multiple alloys on site which greatly reduces the turn around time and costs involved.

The technology we have integrated into our newest mobile unit is guaranteed to produce a great finish every single time, onsite with high through put.

At the heart of our mobile diamond cutting alloy wheel platform is a specially engineered and fabricated CNC diamond tipped wheel machine. Our diamond cutting Equipment features self developed CNC system, high efficiency, compact structure, touch screen, easy to operate system in confined spaces.

And the wheel repair lathe is composed of self-made mechanical parts such as the casting bed, spindle, fixing chuck and the feeding mechanism, numerical control system, automatic measuring system, and state of the art servo motors.

Even though the wheel repair lathe may seem small to traditional workshop set-ups the equipment on-board our truck is suitable for machining up to 22-inch wheels. And is also high precision, at the same time it can install both probe and laser detection automatically.

Just some of the many features of our onboard equipment include:

  • The wheel lathe has the advantages of a simple structure, and high performance ratio.
  • The Alloy Wheel repair Machine can be selected by laser scanning or probe click measurement.
  • Wheel processing is automatic precise and fast.
  • The CNC Machine is operated by touch screen.
  • The Diamond Cutting Machine is equipped with an automatic lubrication system.
  • Fitted with a diamond tool turning to make wheel surface incredibly smooth.

We have also invested heavily in our main refurbishment facility by investing in cutting edge equipment; Including:

  • Two Diamond Tipped CNC Lathes.
  • New Compressors.
  • A new Air System.
  • A new Spray Booth with a water curtain.
  • Aqua Blasting Facility.
  • Thermostatically Controlled Ovens.

With the significant investment in our facilities, and our mobile units, this has allowed us to increase our productivity, decrease the turn around time and improve the quality of the finish of the alloys we refurbish.

We have also obtained ISO certification for our processes, ensuring quality and consistency for every alloy we work on.

Hitech Wheel Finishes maintains a high standard of workmanship. All of our staff are purposely trained to ensure they meet the parameters set out in our highly refined process.

Quality control is an integral part of our business, your wheel will not be released until we are 100% happy, ensuring that you will be when we are complete.

Our mobile diamond cutting alloy wheel refurbishment service is reserved for our commercial customers who have a minimum number of alloy wheels to be refurbished.

Having vehicles off the road or off sale awaiting repair is a costly and inconvenient business. Our state of the art mobile workshop is custom designed to come to your showroom, bodyshop, or forecourt to have your vehicle back on sale or on the road, with pristine alloy wheels.

Interested in learning more or wish to book our mobile service, then fill in the form below and one of our team will be back in touch.