Aqua Blasting also referred to as Vapor Blasting has proven to be the most effective methods we can employ to achieve the surface quality we find most beneficial to the overall outcome of any project.

Aqua/Vapor Blasting has an amazing ability to restore all kinds of parts, components, and casings back to their “as new” condition – A process that needs to be seen to be believed.

Our effort is to do the best job we can to restore and bring your alloy wheels back to life and bringing them back to a beautiful OEM finish.

The reasons why aqua blasting proves its self to be such an effective tool as part of the process that we employ here at Hitech Wheel Finishes is that Aqua blasting is a wet blasting process utilising 100/150 micron glass media suspended in a high pressure water system. So unlike shot blasting which some companies use. This makes our process completely non aggressive which preserves the surface that we are cleaning.

Where a fine finish is required on aluminium, alloys, steel and most other metals Aqua blasting/ Vapor Blasting is the perfect answer for bringing parts and components back to an absolutely beautiful “As New Condition” when the process is complete.

Here at Hitech Wheel Finishes we mainly us our Aqua/Vapor blasting process for achieving the superb finish our clients rave about. However this process can also be used for a wide range of applications such as Bike and Car components – Engine and Gearbox Casings, Cylinder Heads, Blocks, Carb’s, Crank Cases, motorcycle wheel hubs, Barrels, Brackets, Side Covers, etc

aqua blasting service dublinOne of the great features of Aqua/Vapor blasting process is that it is suitable for Aluminum, Bronze, Magnesium, Titanium, Brass and Copper. So regardless of the type of metal an Alloy wheel or other component we are presented with our process will easily and gently clean the surface without damage. The Aqua/Vapor blasting process produces a satin finish which will handle without picking up finger marks and gently peens the surface so can help reduce porosity in castings and very easy to keep clean.

Aqua/Vapor Blasting is both highly effective and gentle at the same time – The process cleans very effectively without removing any of the underlying metal or substrate. This allows for the cleaning of delicate parts and soft metals.

To find out more about our service please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team here at Hitech Wheel Finishes where we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. And with our customer satisfaction guarantee we know you will be completely satisfied with the finished work we do.