Announcing Our All New Refurbishment Service Which Includes A Collection Service

For the first time cars are enjoying “un president” (an increase in value)! This is mainly due a very limited supply of replacement cars available around the world.

Now is an excellent time to further increase the value and look of your car!! By investing in your alloy wheels; which means having them professionally restored to their original finish and colour.

You could also go with a complete colour change to bring your wheels up to 2022 look. With more people working from home as a result the government restrictions related to the COVID-19, Hitech Wheel Finishes have a special offer on our alloy wheel refurbishment services.

We have decided to extend our premium alloy wheel refurbishment service to include free vehicle collection in the greater Dublin area. When you book your alloy wheels in to be refurbished with Hitech Wheel Finishes, not alone will we restore your alloys to OEM standards. But we will also send one of our specialist collection trucks to your address, take your car away, restore the wheels, and return your car back to you as soon as the wheels are finished and refitted. We work to a strict 3 day turn around, on day 1 we collect your vehicle, on day two we refurbish your alloys and on day three we will drop your vehicle back.

Interested? Then you can get our full contact details on our contact page by clicking here, use the contact form below, or you can drop us a Whatsapp message with images to 086 142 6655.

We Come To You

Not alone will we refurbish your alloy wheels to an OEM finish. With our new collection service there is no need to drive to a workshop. On day on we’ll collect your vehicle, on day two we then process your alloys and restore them to an OEM finish, finally on day three we drop your vehicle back with their newly restored alloys. How’s that for service!

Fast Response Time

From start to finish we will have your alloys collected, repaired/refurbished and returned within 72 hours. But we can fast track your service if required. Call us to find out more about our fast track service!

Painted And Machine Faced Wheels

We repair all painted wheels, and machine faced wheels. Regardless of the level of damage to the alloys we can repair and restore them to your desired finish.

Experienced Repair Team

Our qualified wheel repair technicians are highly experienced, and you can trust them to give you a great service.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with the result, we’ll come back free of charge.

Go Ahead Call Us Today!

Give Hitech Wheel Finishes a call today and speak to one of our experienced technicians and they will arrange your collection. Or if you prefer fill in the contact box to the right and we’ll take it from there!

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    Alloy Wheel Refurbish Collections

    pick and drop? sounds great!!!

    Some of the key steps of our refurbishment process include:

    • Any damaged area of the wheel is sanded out.
    • The wheel has a base primer applied to seal the alloy and prevent acid corrosion forming on the the repaired area.
    • The alloy is then placed under infer-red lighting to ensure the primer is evenly baked and hard on the wheel.
    • The primer if required is ‘flatted’ evenly (Sanded) and the wheel is now ready the base coat.
    • The base coat is the colour stage (we have a full stock of wheel colours for all leading brands of cars).
    • Wheels are then heated again under the infer-red lighting system to thoroughly dry the base coat.
    • The alloy wheel is then sprayed with a double coat of high gloss lacquer specially designed for the use on alloy wheels (Unless a matt finish is selected).
    • The infer-red heat is then re-applied until the lacquer is fully cured.

    Contact Us

    How To Avail Of This Special Offer?

    Step 1: Start By Getting In Touch

    To avail of our new offer where we include pick up and drop off service with your wheel refurbishment, just get in touch!

    Our team would love to hear from you and will help you to get your service booked in for a date and time that are perfect for you.

    You can use the contact form above and we will get back in touch with you.

    Or click here now to be taken to the contact us page.

    Step 2: Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

    Hitech Wheel Finishes have built a state of the art alloy wheel refurbishment centre that meets ISO 9000/9001 standard.

    That means that you can be sure of the perfect OEM factory finish with every wheel we work on. Your alloys go through our full 8 step process to deliver the perfect finish.

    Once completed, your alloys then go through a final QA check before being returned.

    Step 3: Pick-up / Drop-Off

    As a part of our ISO certified alloy wheel refurbishment services we will both collect and drop off your vehicle. We have a fleet of car recovery trucks that are ideal for this exact purpose.

    The benefits is that you won’t spend time getting to and from our refurbishment centre. There are no miles added to your vehicle and you save on fuel as well as a result of the trip to and from us here.

    Book Now

    Get a “Pick & Drop” Alloy wheel repair & Hitech Wheel Service

    So go ahead and pick up the phone and book in for your refurbishment service and you can have your alloy wheels looking brand new. Minimal hassle and minimal fuss. Our team of dedicated professionals are waiting to hear from you.

    Take advantage of the Hitech Wheel Finishes Pick Up and Drop off alloy wheel refurbishment service. Our professional team delivers unmatched results that are difficult to discern from the more expensive option. Quick and affordable, Hitech Wheel Finishes is Ireland’s leading solution to making your alloys shine again.

    Our team is available now to answer your Powder Coating alloy wheel repairs questions and prepare a competitive quote to refurbish your beloved alloy wheels. We offer a full service for all of your alloy wheel repair and refurbishment needs.

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