Smart Repair Services

Need your alloy wheels refurbished but just can’t seem to find the time to bring your vehicle to our state of the art facilities? No problem, let our state of the art facilities come to you!

We have a special mobile unit that boast all of the same processes and procedure we use at our main facility so that means we can ensure colours are Matched To the Manufacturer Specifications. This means you Get an Exact Match Colour Finish. Sometimes We Can Even Improve on the Factory Finish!

We are proud to say that we have Invested Heavily In State Of The Art, Ultra Modern Equipment For Our Fleet of SMART Repair Vehicles. All Of Our SMART Operators have also been through our Stringent and Industry Leading Training Programs to ensure Your Alloys Will Receive, Hands Down, The Best possible mobile refurbishment service available anywhere!

We are ISO 9000/9001 certified which means we can guarantee you a reliable, high quality finish ever single time. With Our SMART Repair Technology You Don’t Need To Worry About Dropping Off Or Collecting Your Vehicle. We come right To Where You Are, Office, Home, Golf Club, Tennis Club or even maybe Motoring Event. This Can Be a Major Time Saver!

Some of the key steps of the process include…

  • The damaged area of the wheel is sanded out.
  • The wheel has a base primer applied to seal the alloy and prevent acid corrosion forming on the the repaired area.
  • The alloy is then placed under infer-red lighting to ensure the primer is evenly baked and hard on the wheel.
  • The primer if required is ‘flatted’ evenly (Sanded) and the wheel is now ready the base coat.
  • The base coat is the colour stage (we have a full stock of wheel colours for all leading brands of cars).
  • Wheels are then heated again under the infer-red lighting system to thoroughly dry the base coat.
  • The alloy wheel is then sprayed with a double coat of high gloss lacquer specially designed for the use on alloy wheels (Unless a matt finish is selected).
  • The infer-red heat is then re-applied until the lacquer is fully cured.

So go ahead and pick up the phone and find out how our SMART repair service can have your alloy wheels looking brand new. Minimal hassle and minimal fuss. Our team of dedicated professionals are waiting to hear from you.

Take advantage of the Hitech Wheel Finishes SMART Repair service. Our professional team delivers unmatched results that are difficult to discern from the more expensive option. Quick and affordable, Hitech Wheel Finishes is Ireland’s leading solution to making your alloys shine again.

Get a Competitive SMART Alloy Refurbishment Quote

Our team is available now to answer your diamond cut alloy wheel repairs questions and prepare a competitive quote to refurbish your beloved alloy wheels. We offer a full service for all of your alloy wheel repair and refurbishment needs. Call Us Now Today on (01)8216828 / 1800 938 994 or E-Mail us at