Diamond Cutting Services


Diamond Cut alloy wheel finishes have become more and more popular. With many more car manufacturer shipping cars with alloys that have a diamond cut finish. So how do you know if your alloys are diamond cut?

You can recognise a diamond cut finish by looking for a shiny, bare metal effect on the face of the wheel. They have a very similar appearance to that of the back of a CD/DVD. If you look closer you can also see that there is a grain line in the metals surface where the rims have been turned on a lathe.

If your diamond cut alloy wheels need to be repaired or refurbished they must under go a specialised procedure to restore them to factory finish.

We have refined our diamond cutting refurbishment process to the point where we are the only Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment Service To Offer You A Full 12 month Guarantee on Our Work! So confident we are of our service.

Some of the benefits of our diamond cutting refurbishment services:

  • Combination Of Cutting Edge Technology & Highly Skilled Operators
  • HiTech Wheel Finish Offering Maximum Longevity On Your Finish
  • Specialized Aluminium Protection
  • ISO 9000/9001 Certified Unique Diamond Cutting Process

The reasons that we can produce such high quality finish and at high volumes is as a result of 5 key steps we take with every diamond cut alloy that we refurbish.

      Preparation – Your diamond cut alloys are fully inspected for wear tear and damage. Your alloys are fully prepared, repaired and cleaned down ready for the cutting process.
      Cutting – We employ a two step cutting process. The first cut is carried out using a specialized cutting tip, removing the curb damage, scratches etc. The tip is then replaced with a Diamond tip for the final cut releasing the iridescent colours in your alloys.
      Lacquer & Bake – after cutting the wheels are then heated up again, and we will also apply a layer of aluminium protection, as well as an even coat of acrylic powder lacquer.
      Final QC – As the final step in the process your alloys are carefully inspected by our technician to ensure the finish is perfect.
      Our Equipment – As well as having fine tuned our refurbishment process through continued investment in research and development. We have found that it is as equally important, to deliver the perfect finish, to invest in state of the art equipment.

Take advantage of the Hitech Wheel Finishes Diamond Cut service. Our professional team delivers unmatched results that are difficult to discern from the more expensive option. Quick and affordable, Hitech Wheel Finishes is Ireland’s leading solution to making your alloys shine again.

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