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Powder Coating Alloy Wheels

Powder coating is a coating that is applied as a free-flowing dry powder. Applying powder coating to your alloy wheels is one of the most effective ways to customize your vehicle and enhance its value. The best results are obtained by powder coaters who recognize that preparation is the most critical part of the process and apply the most stringent pre-treatment procedures. Below is a look at the reasons to explore powder coating and the steps to achieve the best results.

The main advantages between a normal paint and a powder coating are:

  • Powder coating is less harmful to the environment compared with normal paint.
  • Powder coating produces a much thicker coating than conventional paint without running or sagging.
  • Powder coating overspray can be recycled.
  • A wide range of specialty effects can be applied which would be impossible to achieve with other coating processes.

As well as those advantages listed above powder coated wheels just look great! Especially these days with the variety of powder coat colours available. Finishes include high and low gloss, clear or metallic with textures ranging from ultra smooth to a rough or wrinkled finish.

Powder coating your rims will deliver a high quality, long lasting finish which is tough, durable, and more resistant to scratches, fading and chips than most finishes.

Here at we have developed a very customised approach that is ISO 9000/9001 certified learned from our years of experience in the industry, which ensures we deliver a pristine, factory finish quality to every set of alloy wheels we refurbish.

Below is the steps we take when working on your alloys to ensure you get the result you desire:


  • Alloy wheels are photographed and assigned a unique identification number (asset tag) this number contains all information about the wheels, the owners name, address, finish required, date of arrival, date of dispatch and the process that the alloy wheel has been put through, this asset number is your guarantee.
  • Alloy wheels are then placed into our wash booth to remove break dust, road dirt and general grime that wheels gather in their day to day use.
  • Alloy wheels are placed into our ultrasonic strip tank until all the previous coating is removed.
  • Alloy wheels are then ultrasonically cleaned to eliminate any traces of the stripping process and then dried.
  • Alloy wheels are checked for any damage including scuff marks, curb damage, chips etc and when required these marks will be removed using our specialist equipment.
  • Alloy wheels are then degassed to remove any air bubbles encapsulated during the ultrasonic stripping process.
  • Alloy wheels are then placed onto our conveyor system, the wheels are then base coated sealing up the alloy substrate.
  • Alloy wheels then have the customer’s selected colour or customer company corporate colours applied.
  • Alloy wheels are then inspected to insure no blemishes or inclusions is present.
  • Alloy wheels are then given the final protection clear coat, this seals the previous coatings achieving an extremely tough bonded finish.
  • Alloy wheels are then checked at our QC stage in accordance with our ISO 9001 Quality control procedure once passed the wheels are then packed and sent for shipping.

Powder coating continues to rise in popularity over traditional liquid painting for alloy wheels. From faster production times to increased durability, powder coating has become the finish of choice for picky vehicle owners. Below are the key factors that make powder coating superior to liquid paint when refinishing alloy wheels.

Environmental considerations: Powder coating contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or harmful chemicals which can be hazardous to the environment. Additionally, powder coating does not pollute the air or water.

Bolder colors: Powder coating is specifically formulated to add color to wheels and metal. One of the primary reasons that vehicle owners seek wheel refurbishment is to achieve the desired color change. Powder coating’s ability to produce bolder, more vivid colors is a key advantage.

Greater durability: The properties of powder coating produce a thicker, more durable layer of coverage than liquid paint. This enables powder coating to better endure wear and tear and resist wheel damage caused by rock chips.

Faster production time: Eager vehicle owners and busy production staff can both enjoy the benefits of the faster production time offered by powder coating. When a powder coated alloy wheel is removed from the oven, the curing process typically takes only 20 minutes. Liquid paint curing, in contrast, can take days to cure.

A reduction in waste: The powder coating process yields significantly less waste compared to the liquid painting process, which can produce wasteful overspray. Also, lost powder coatings can be reclaimed while paint lost during the liquid painting process cannot be reclaimed.

Enhanced flexibility: Powder coating’s curing process promotes permanency and longevity while fostering flexibility. Once applied, powder coating can easily sustain the bending and vibration that accompanies regular road travel.

You can follow the process of your wheels using your name and unique asset tag number via our website, once we receive your order we will send you your login details where all the information will be stored.

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