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Excluding structural repairs most wheels can be refurbished within 3 working days.
*For Out Of Hours Or Technical Query's Call Alan on 087 263 4342

Newer, cleaner wheels requiring a cosmetic refurbished or colour change can be back on your vehicle within 24 hours

Subject to a wheel inspection and approval
by a HiTech Wheel Finishes Technician.


Our Finishes

Chrome effect / Black Chrome

Eurosonics Ltd has just brought alloy wheel refurbishment to a new higher level we are the first to bring chrome effect not only to alloy wheels but almost anything you can imagine, from wood, plastic, glass, bike frames even car parts. In fact anything that can be painted can be put through our chrome effect process.

The process is complex but the results are literally amazing, Eurosonics Ltd has trained our technicians in the professional approved application of our brand new chrome effect.

Our chrome effect does not replace Chrome plating but achieves a real alternative, our process is environmentally friendly and produces a real metal effect achieving the look, feel, shine and charm of Chrome plating and compared to other chrome effect finishes on the market which are known to turn yellow over just a few months and continue to deteriorate and fail to achieve good adhesion, comparing our Chrome effect which does achieve excellent adhesion and longevity and great value for money This is no doubt a complete superior Chrome finish.

Custom Finishes

We offer an absolutely amazing and consistent custom finishes achieving far superior results compared to other applications, our alloy wheel refurbishment will not only give your alloy wheels a super looking finish it will also give your alloy wheels a super feel and will retract dirt more efficiently compared to standard finishes, this process is suitable for all ferrous and non ferrous metal and can be tailored to suit plastic, wood, glass tiles our custom finishes can be manufactured in your company’s corporate colours

Some of our customs colours are as follows:

  • Platinum Silver
  • Sport Silver
  • Brilliant Silver
  • Standard Silver
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Candy Red

These are just some of our more popular colours but we can supply almost any RAL or BS colour or reproduce a company corporate colour.

Standard Finishes

Also at our facility we apply standard powder coating finishes, Polyester, Epoxy, Acrylic, Urethane & Nylon suitable for the alloy wheel refurbishment car and bike enthusiasts, we welcome the general public as well as industry seeking a reliable powder coating company with a fast and efficient turn around we can arrange collections and deliveries through our own fleet of commercial vehicles from one box to 7.5 tonnes, we can collect from your facility and redeliver back or deliver direct to your customers.

Plascoat Finish

Now available from Eurosonics is Plascoat, Plascoat is used in a number of key areas, like Playgrounds, Automotive, Street furniture and Hand rails for the disabled to name a few. Plascoat is a thermoplastic coating that can be applied by either fluidized bed dipping or by electrostatic spraying, the electrostatic spraying is applied at Eurosonics. Some of the key benefits for Plascoat is the ability to remove graffiti and fly poster adhesive without causing damage to the Plascoat surface, Plascoat has huge benefits for children’s play ground equipment as well as street furniture lamp posts because of its high resistance to chipping and corrosion from salt and grit as well as its excellent UV resistance which again makes the Plascoat the perfect application for motor bike frames and underside for cars and equipment.

Heat Reactive Finish

This finish reacts when exposed to certain heat which is predetermined given the area it will be used in, the system can be used as a novel finish through to potential life saving information, the heat reactive finish can be used on fire doors both internal and external, if a fire door is exposed to heat beyond normal condition the heat reactive finish will become transparent revealing life saving information on the door ie.. (Fire Has Been Detected Please Call 911) this information can be tailored to suit your requirement. The heat reactive finish can have many useful benefits it can be used on electrical control panels once certain temperature has been reached you can have an emergency contact name and number illuminated on the panel informing the general public or an employee that heat has been detected and who they can contact. This system can be used on radiators either partially or its entirety also on visual inspection will let the maintenance know if a radiator is achieving its set temperature or not.

High Temperature Powder

This is a silicone-based high jet-black powder coating designed for applications requiring prolonged service temperature up to 500oC (932oF) the high temperature powder is suitable for exterior and interior applications, typical application areas are exhaust system components for automotive engines of all sizes, also extraction systems where heat is involved, the high temperature powder excellent chemical and petroleum resistance.

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