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Excluding structural repairs most wheels can be refurbished within 3 working days.
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Newer, cleaner wheels requiring a cosmetic refurbished or colour change can be back on your vehicle within 24 hours

Subject to a wheel inspection and approval
by a HiTech Wheel Finishes Technician.


A Message To Our Valued Clients On Corona Virus And Beyond

To all our valued customers, we here at hitech wheel finishes would like to take this opportunity during this very unprecedented time to thank you all for your much valued business over the last few years, we all know this pandemic has been very damaging to a lot of business over the last couple of months and unfortunately we just don’t know when and if we will ever return to normal life without some sort of social distancing, we understand we will have to make adjustments to our business’s to keep our customers and ourselves safe. We here at hitech wheel finishes would like to assure you that when we are given the green light we will be back stronger than ever to help and assist you our customers to get you moving again regarding your wheel refurbishing requirements.  

To this effect we have added to our fleet a new car transporter capable of carrying up to 7 vehicles therefore enabling us to be even more efficient with collection and delivery to and from your dealership. 

Over the last 12 months we have invested heavily in new equipment for our factory ie. Additional precision diamond cutting machines, aqua blasting machines high temperature powder coating ovens etc. and our team have been trained in operating all process equipment.

Many of you will know that we have added our mobile diamond cutting service whereby we can come to you and carry out mobile diamond cutting at your place of business with our fully equipped with latest technology truck operated by 2 technicians. 

We are also introducing a brand new service 24 fast track system at our factory, we understand that a lot of main dealerships will require a fast turnaround time to satisfy their customers, so for minimal extra fee we can fast track your wheels in 24 hours, I’m sure you will agree this is a huge advantage to streamline your wheel repair requirements giving the huge disruption we have all experienced in our business due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We would also like to inform you that we are opening a new factory in Galway, we have identified a suitable premises in Oranmore to service the West of Ireland. Which up to now does not have access to a professional alloy wheel repair company. We receive daily inquiries for our services in the west and to this effect we are expanding hitech wheel finishes to suit these requirements.

Again we would very much like to thank you for your valued custom and assure you that when we are back operational on the other side of this terrible pandemic we will be following strict government guidelines regarding social distancing etc.

Please stay safe and hope to see you all very soon!

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