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Excluding structural repairs most wheels can be refurbished within 3 working days.
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Newer, cleaner wheels requiring a cosmetic refurbished or colour change can be back on your vehicle within 24 hours

Subject to a wheel inspection and approval
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Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cut alloy wheel finishes have become more and more popular. With many more car manufacturer shipping cars with alloys that have a diamond cut finish. So how do you know if your alloys are diamond cut?

You can recognise a diamond cut finish by looking for a shiny, bare metal effect on the face of the wheel. They have a very similar appearance to that of the back of a CD/DVD. If you look closer you can also see that there is a grain line in the metals surface where the rims have been turned on a lathe.

If your diamond cut alloy wheels need to be repaired or refurbished they must under go a specialised procedure to restore them to factory finish.

We have refined our diamond cutting refurbishment process to the point where we are the only Diamond Cut Alloy Refurbishment Service To Offer You A Full 12 month Guarantee on Our Work! So confident we are of our service.

Combination Of Cutting Edge Technology & Highly Skilled Operators

before-after-diamond-cut-001before-after-diamond-cut-001We achieve the highest level of quality by first painting the wheel with the desired colour then using a lathe with a diamond tipped cutter to remove a wafer thin layer of alloy from the face of the wheel. Here at Hitech Wheel Finishes we use a combination of cutting edge technology and highly skilled operators who work exceedingly hard to achieve this effect.

It should be noted that diamond cut alloys can only be cut a limited amount of times some as little as twice as after this the structural integrity of the alloys may be comprised.

HiTech Wheel Finish Offering Maximum Longevity On Your Finish

A very important consideration when deciding what provider to use to refurbish your diamond cut alloys is how long the finish will last.

With Diamond Cut Alloys You Are strictly Limited to the Number Of Times You Can Refurbish your Alloys. Ensure you don’t waste one of those very limited opportunities on a provider who is unable to offer you maximum longevity on their work.

Specialized Aluminium Protection

We have a specialized aluminium protection layer available on our process which means your alloys retain that factory finish for longer than our competitors. This procedure is unique to Hitch Wheel Finishes and is simply not available with any other company offering diamond cut refurbishment services.

The HiTech Wheel Finishes Unique Diamond Cutting Process

before-after-diamond-cut-001Through hard won knowledge gained from many years experience of working with every make and model of alloy imaginable we have refined our process down to a fine art. So proud of the process we have created and confident in our procedures to produce a high quality finish every single time. We are happy to give a full 12 month guarantee on all work when our additional protection layer is applied.

Preparation – Your diamond cut alloys are fully inspected for wear tear and damage. Your alloys are fully prepared, repaired and cleaned down ready for the cutting process.

Cutting – We then take your alloy and place into the lathe for precision cutting, the first cut is carried out using a specialized cutting tip, this tip will remove the curb damage as well as any scratches on the face of the wheel, the tip is then replaced with a Diamond tip for the final cut releasing the iridescent colours in your alloys.

Lacquer & Bake – after cutting the wheels are then heated up again, depending on the finish option you choose, we will also apply a layer of aluminium protection, we will also apply an even coat of acrylic powder lacquer and return the wheels to the oven for the final bake 160oc for 25 minutes. The products we use and the processes we follow here allow us to offer a guarantee on each and every set of rims we diamond cut. Our lacquering step immediately after cutting ensures your alloys are protected to the highest level possible.


Final QC – As the final step in the process your alloys are carefully inspected by our technician to ensure the finish is perfect. We have implemented our very own stringent quality control check to ensure your wheels have met our very high standards of quality before replacing your tyres and balancing the wheels.`

Our Equipment – As well as having fine tuned our refurbishment process through continued investment in research and development. We have found that it is as equally important, to deliver the perfect finish, to invest in state of the art equipment.

To fulfill our own stringent requirement to source the best equipment possible to compliment our ISO certified process we use fully automated Wheel Restore Machines that provides the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time available. This turnaround time is helped by our machines super fast probing which can read a typical 20″ wheel in 30 seconds for fast wheel throughput.

The machining of hard metal materials, such as that found in alloy wheels, requires significantly harder cutting materials. So we use solid CBN turning inserts, which are the hardest known material eligible for the machining of ferrous materials and other super hard materials. CBN materials posses properties of high hardness, high resistance to corrosion and high thermal stability. This means we can deliver the finest, most intricate finishes on the face of a diamond cut alloy wheel face.

The tips we use in our machines provide a superior surface finish. By employing diamond machining we can achieve high-quality machining results and get a better surface finish rather than with any kind of conventional tool. Basically, our diamond tools bring a small grinding feature into machining process. Giving your alloys the perfect finish.

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