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Alloy Wheel Repair Basics

You may have heard from your friends about the alloy wheel repair. This is a type of fixing work on tire rims. People usually go this route to save money since buying a new rim cost a good amount of money.

Having your rims repaired is a good option in this economic climate. It will save you money and you do not have to go shopping for something new which requires time going around. But before you decide to repair your rims there are things that you must know about alloy wheel repair.

Repair Versus Refurbish

There is rim repair and rim refurbish. And most people mistake one for the other. Refurbish is to make something look new. This may require repair but not always. For example, treat a dusty alloy wheel only needs cleaning to look new again. No repairs needed. Repair on the other hand is what you do to fix something that is broken. And refurbishing is part of the process.

To Repair Means There Is Damage

Alloy wheels, also known as rims, are damaged when we drive our car. This is due to the scratches the steel alloy take from stones when we drive fast or when we made a mistake while parking. More severe damage occurs when the rims are grazed against another hard object while the car is moving or when something hard hits it. Your rims get visible scratches and dents making it look ugly. Worst case is when the rims are deformed and cannot be used properly.

Simple Damages You Can Fix

Not all alloy wheel repair works require hiring a professional. If you have the time you can learn to do repairs on simple rim damages such as discoloration and scratches. You can even buy a DIY alloy wheel repair kit. You can save a lot of cash by being able to repair simple damages on your rims. You just need to spend time to learn how to do it.

Repairs are not always an option. There are damages on rims that make them irreparable. This is the time to really consider buying new rims. This is your best choice despite the cost since it is much safer than forcing a repair on the heavily damaged rims.

These are the alloy wheel repair basics that you should know. They may be simple knowledge but mastering all of them will save you lots of money in car repairs and maintenance.

Alloy Wheel Repairs – How to Do It Right

When you drive your car a lot you expose the rims to wear and tear. Exposure to heat then on water can soften the steel alloy making it more susceptible to dent and scratches. When there is enough damage on the rims you can either buy new ones, there which are costly, for sale or repair them and save money.

But you must know how to do the alloy wheel repairs to make them count. If not you will just be wasting money and even further ruin your rims.

Gauging the Extent of the Damage

You must first gauge the amount of damage your rims have taken. This will allow you to judge whether the repairs needed are minor that you can even do it or if you need to hire professionals on rim repair.

Simple damages that you can repair on your own are minor scratches and discoloration. All you need to repair alloy wheels with such damages are paint, sand-paper and spot putty. But you also have to learn how to apply these things to make the repairs look natural that your rims would look like when you bought it.

Damages that require professional alloy wheel repair services are dents that have changed the shape of rims. This requires technical skills on restoring the steel frame back to shape. Severe scratches would also require such services to correct the damage and make your rims new. Cracks on the sides are also among the damages on the alloy wheel that you cannot fix on your own.

Know When to Replace Your Rims

It is true the repairs will save you money. But there are also times when the damage on the rims is too great that you should no longer consider alloy wheel repairs. Another great reason to replace your rims is for safety while you drive. A good example is when the sides have cracked or when the cracks cross over the holes for the tire bolts and the mount plate. With these damages it is now very dangerous to use the rim while driving even when you repair it.

Alloy wheel repairs are great money saving options but only when repairs are viable. When your rims can be restored to good health by patching up the damaged parts then, by all means, have them fixed. If not then it is best to move on, sell those damaged rims in a steel recycling plant and buy yourself a new one.

Alloy Wheels and Their Restoration

Alloy wheels are quite common these days and when it comes to their maintenance, there are quite a few things that need to be considered. One needs to take the preventive measures in order to ensure the long life of these wheels.

Alloy wheels restoration is one of the interesting solutions in that regard and you can go ahead with that if you are finding troubles with the wheels. A lot of times people just change the wheels without any second thought. But what if you have the refurnishing or restoration option available with you? You may not and for that you will have to identify the problem so that you can find the best solution.

What are the symptoms?

You need to identify these symptoms and act accordingly. Once you have identified some sort of trouble with the wheels, you will have to think about their restoration or refinishing. Let us have a look at some interesting points as to how can identify these symptoms.

  • If the vehicle or the wheels are getting old and you can notice the worn out state clearly, you need to think about refurbishing alloy wheels.
  • In case there is some damage to the wheels, which you think might cause troubles or interfere with the safety concerns, you may want to consider the restoration option. One should never compromise in the matters regarding safety of the vehicle which in turn means the safety of yours.
  • If you get your vehicle examined by the expert and they point out some problem with the wheels, you may want to consider this option of refinishing or restoration. Alloy wheels restoration is highly advisable in such matters.
  • Whenever you feel like replacing the wheels, you can consider the option of restoration as it is cheap and convenient.

What is the cure?

The cure to the various problems mentioned in your vehicles’ wheels could be employed in a step wise manner. Below are those steps that will guide you towards the cure.

  • First of all, the wheels need to be examined by highly skilled technicians. They are the ones who can identify the exact problem and tell you what could be done with those wheels.
  • You need to talk with the technicians and discuss the right technique for refurbishing alloy wheels of your vehicle. Once you have decided what needs to be done, you can ask them to go ahead with that.
  • Try to make sure that you get the best solution for the wheels. It could be alloy wheels refurnishing in some cases while in others, you need to have the restoration in place. It all depends on the status of the wheels.

Hence, the alloy wheels need to be taken care of, from time to time. And in case there is a deformity, instead of changing it straight away, you may want to consider the restoration or refurnishing methods that are not only convenient but at the same time, saves your money too.

Top 4 Reasons to Try Alloy Wheel Refurbishment For Your Car

Alloy wheels are a fantastic feature on any car, but the demands of driving can soon mean that your car requires an alloy wheel refurbishment.

Dublin, as with other busy cities, is a particularly tough environment for alloy wheels as they can be easily damaged by city centre driving. Loose road surfaces, potholes, tight parking spots, minor accidents and extreme weather conditions can all take their toll on your alloys. Below we take a look at the top benefits of having your wheels refurbished.

1) Refurbishing can be cheaper than replacing your wheels

In fact, choosing to refurbish your alloys can actually be up to ten times cheaper than replacing them. It is also much quicker and easier to simply choose an alloy wheel refurbishment. Leeds customers, and those in the surrounding area, can choose from a range of services tailored to suit your wheels from basic blast cleaning to complete refurbishment.

2) A new alloy coating is more resilient than the original

Your car will have looked great when you first bought it but unfortunately, even if you bought a new car, you could find that the alloy coating on the wheels was not of the highest standard and it might be time to go for an alloy wheel refurbishment. Leeds drivers may find that city driving has left the wheels on their new or used car in need of some attention. Refurbishing your existing wheels is the solution as the alloy coating used on your alloys during refurbishment is likely to be more resilient than that of your original wheels which means you can enjoy smarter alloys for longer.

3) You can choose the colour of your alloys

Silver alloys look great but then as they are the standard colour choice they’re quite common. Coordinating the colour of your car paintwork with that of your alloy wheels will bring a fresh look to your vehicle and really personalise your car. Changing the colour of your alloy wheels is a much cheaper option to buying a new car if you are looking for a new look from your vehicle and you can even choose from a two tone effect or multiple colour effects for a truly unique look.

4) Any kerb damage can be removed

Driving into kerbs when parking or pulling over or driving over potholes can soon cause scrapes, cracks and chips to your alloys and these are a prime reason to consider wheel refurbishment. Leeds drivers will know that tight parking spaces and heavy traffic can lead to having to pull in or park quickly and in inconvenient places which means that your alloy wheels may become damaged by kerbs. Damage to your alloys, from light scuffs to significant cracks, can be easily repaired to leave your wheels looking smooth and as good (if not better) than new.

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