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Excluding structural repairs most wheels can be refurbished within 3 working days.
*For Out Of Hours Or Technical Query's Call Alan on 087 263 4342

Newer, cleaner wheels requiring a cosmetic refurbished or colour change can be back on your vehicle within 24 hours

Subject to a wheel inspection and approval
by a HiTech Wheel Finishes Technician.


About us

Hitech Wheel Finishes Ltd was established back in 2005, our main business was the supply of Ultrasonic cleaning equipment, and early in 2006 we installed our own in-house Ultrasonic cleaning and stripping service aimed towards the engineering, manufacturing and medical industry to removing old worn and damaged coatings by way of ultrasonic chemical stripping.

We began to receive inquires to ask if we could strip alloy wheels, so we carried out some initial trials to determine the effectiveness of our ultrasonic stripping process. These early trials yielded excellent results. We were able to ultrasonic-ally removes all traces of the old coating.

Our early clients were delighted with the quality of the cleaning process but they still needed to have the alloys finished by either powder coating them or having them painted. This was an inconvenience to our customers and ultimately added an extra expense to them.

This led us to explore the opportunity of providing an end to end alloy wheel refurbishment service so as to satisfy our clients desire to use us as a one stop shop to complete the refurbishment work.

As I worked in the metal finishing industry for 20 years I looked for the latest technology in alloy wheel refurbishment. On this journey we I came across exciting new colours and textures that can not be achieved with conventional powder coating.

After our initial early days we advanced our processes to a point where we are now the market leader in Hitech Wheel Finishes and refurbishment work. We strive to maintain a high standard of workmanship. All of our staff are purposely trained to ensure they meet our stringent quality assurance levels.

Quality control is an integral part of our business, your wheel will not be released until we are 100% happy, ensuring that you will be on return. Whilst offering a full cosmetic service, Hitech Wheel Finishes ensure we meet all on road safety legislation and regulations.

We look forward to welcoming you as one of our highly valued clients and providing you the superior service we know you desire and deserve.

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