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Excluding structural repairs most wheels can be refurbished within 3 working days.

Newer, cleaner wheels requiring a cosmetic refurbished or colour change can be back on your vehicle within 24 hours

Subject to a wheel inspection and approval
by a HiTech Wheel Finishes Technician.



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A Message From The Founder


With over 25 years of experience in Alloy Wheel Refurbishment HiTech Wheel Finishes aims to deliver the highest quality and value for money. Cost effective repairs using quality and approved materials, we can equal manfufacturer standards, enabling us to give you the highest quality available in e-manufactured alloy wheels.

Our large customer base includes; dealerships, mobile wheel refurbishers and alloy wheel manufacturers along with the general public. We provide a total solution for wheel refurbishment.

Collection Service


A collection and delivery service is available. This is free to local areas please call for details.

Need new tyres


We can supply new tyres at trade prices. Contact us for full details and prices.

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